Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with OHIO PROUD!

July is National Ice Cream Month, this celebration was established in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan, and the third Sunday of the month is National Ice Cream Day which, is on July 20th this year. Reagan recognized that ice cream was a fun and a sometimes nutritious snack that the majority of our population enjoys! Help celebrate National Ice Cream Month by supporting Ohio Proud partners that sell and produce ice cream. These partners include:

Ayars Family Farm

Cooper’s Mill

Frosty Twins

Johnson’s Real Ice Cream

Miller’s Creamery

Pierre’s Ice Cream Co

Smith Dairy Products, Co.

Toft Dairy, Inc.

Velvet Ice Cream Company, Inc.

Young’s Jersey Dairy, Inc.

Z’s cream & bean

Also this summer Velvet Ice Cream is celebrating 100 years of making quality ice cream. Check out Velvets new cookbook that is out, which is available on the website at www.velveticecream.com.