Farm Markets

Farmer’s Markets can be found in every Ohio County. They are a great way to meet the farmer who is growing and making your food as well as building communities.

Type of Farm Markets:

farm-marketFarm Market is a location where a producer offers fruits, vegetables, and other items for sale. These products are usually sold at the farm where they were grown. Generally, the market is open daily during the growing season.

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Farmers-MarketFarmers’ Market is a location where several producers congregate to offer fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, etc. These markets are often located in a public parking lot or at a local fairground. During the harvest season, most markets are open once or twice a week.

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Pick-Your-OwnPick-your-own describes a farm where the grower allows customers to pick their own produce directly from the field or orchard. These markets are typically open every day during the product’s harvest season.

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Road-SideRoadside Market is located along the road where it is convenient for customers to purchase produce on the way to their final destination. These markets are often open daily during the harvest season.

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icon_tree-marketChristmas Tree Farms are locations where the customer may cut their own, select pre-cut trees, or purchase balled and burlap trees. Many locations offer trees and shrubs for landscaping purposes throughout the year.

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If you don’t have a farmers’ market in your area, here’s how you can start one. This helpful document will give you information and tips to get your farmers’ market up and running.

Produce Availability Chart

Want to know when specific fruits and vegetables are in season? This produce availability chart outlines specific seasons for Ohio produce.