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Do you want to increase sales and awareness of your agricultural products?

Then you should join the Ohio Proud Program!  To qualify, your products must be at least 50% raised, grown, or processed in Ohio and meet all inspection and labeling requirements. Begin the process of applying by filling out a Profile at the bottom of this page. Once that is complete, you will be emailed a link to complete the full Ohio Proud Partner application.

Step 1: Create a profile

Create an online profile below. When approved, this profile will display on the Ohio Proud Partners page.

Step 2: Submit your application

Once your account has been created, fill out the Ohio Proud online application form.

Step 3: Licenses and Fees

Fill out and mail your 2021 Ohio Proud License Agreement and $50 licensing fee, made payable to Ohio Proud.

Step 4: Approval

You may now update your online profile by clicking on Manage Your Account in the upper right.

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