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Buying local is important to Ohio consumers. The Ohio Proud logo gives consumers a quick reliable way to identify products that are made and grown in Ohio. Increase awareness and sales of Ohio Proud products by highlighted them at the point-of-purchase in your local grocery stores, farm markets and restaurants.

Ohio Proud products are a food or agricultural product that is at least 50 percent grown, raised or processed in Ohio. Join the program and allow Ohio Proud to distinguish your products in the crowded marketplace, and increase sales for your company, retailer and restaurant.

Enjoy the benefits of the program by participating in business-to-business events, farmers markets, co-op advertising and educational opportunities. Take advantage of the Ohio Proud promotional items available to all partners at various events.

Use the directory map below or the Ohio Proud Listing Page to shop for local food, spirits, bath products, and more! 

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Do you want to increase sales and awareness of your agricultural products? Then you should join the Ohio Proud Program!

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