Restaurant Location: 112 2nd Ave Bellaire, OH 43906
Owner: Jennifer Kocher,
Products: Manufactures gluten-free, vegan pizza crusts in Plain or Garlic & Herb flavors.


Around the World Gourmet Owner Jennifer Kocher

Around the World Gourmet is a jack of all trades in the food industry as a combination convenient store, café and food processor, well-known for their pizza, wings and subs. Located in Bellaire, Ohio the business produces gluten-free, allergen-free, plant based pizza crusts along with other products. In addition to serving up the homemade crust in their own pizzas, they are sold to restaurants, grocery stores and institutions around the state.

In February, owner Jennifer Kocher announced a partnership with Jobs Ohio and the Belmont Co. Port Authority to invest $125 thousand in a pulverizing mill. The mill will allow Around the World to process grains and other gluten free ingredients, such as brown rice, that are purchased directly from regenerative farms. In turn, the new regenerative flour will be used in all of their pizza crusts and other products, making the company one of the first regenerative flour mills operating in the country.

Regenerative agriculture is an environmentally friendly growing practice that leads to increased soil fertility, increased water retention and lower carbon emissions. Healthier soil supplies more nutrients to plants, can hold and purify more water, and increases resilience to floods and droughts. Some of the regenerative practices used are no-till or low-till farming and the usage of cover crops.

Jen sees regenerative ag as the next step in the future of the food and agriculture industry as more shoppers look to connect to the foods they’re eating- and consumers are quick to help the planet one pizza slice at a time by purchasing Around the World Gourmet’s products.