An Ohio Veterans Agribusiness group, gathering a group of fellow Veteran farmers and new farmer Veteran-centric organization, are known as the Ohio Veteran Agripreneurs. Our goals are complex:

  • Increase availability of local, farm fresh foods through Ohio, grown and raised by Veterans
  • Develop a Veteran Farm to Fork to Program involving all Veteran farms in Ohio
  • Develop a Veterans Feeding Veterans Program enabling Veteran farms and ranches are able to sell produce, poultry, meat, and other products directly to Veteran Administration (VA) Hospitals throughout Ohio.
  • Help veterans transition into farming, ranching, and other forms of Agribusiness by sharing resources, how to’s, and how not to’s.

We are currently in the process of reaching out all known and developing veteran-owned farms throughout Ohio to bring them together as a single cohesive organization of many resources, one day leading to a co-op development.  Singularly, the costs and challenges associated with beginning or sustaining a veteran farm are many—and sometimes are insurmountable.  Collectively, however, the skills and experience of the many can be freely shared between farms, and often resources such as farm equipment can also be shared.  With everyone’s help, we will take the Ohio Veteran Agripreneurs and create a fully operation co-op down the road to the betterment of everyone involved.

Any questions or comments should be sent to Mr. Lee Lichtenwalner via email at, or by phone at 702-271-3304.  Lee Lichtenwalner is a retired US Air Force veteran, and owns Dandelion Lane Farm in NE Ohio with his wife, Dawn Lichtenwalner.  Together they raise ducks, chickens, and turkey and an assortment of produce. Located on Facebook here.